My job

I am a fossil preparator in University of Milan. I search for fossils in summer and prepare them in winter.
In the last years I worked on two very big Saurichthys, one Coelacantidae, many Ctenognathycthis and many small speciments of fishes of middle Trias of Grigna Settentrionale. I prepared also some pliocenic invertebrates.

I'm working

Very beautiful video from Stefano Dominici - My Job and more...Two fishes in one from Former Worlds

Some years ago I prepared some thousand bones of Ursus speleus and done piking on sediment of 'Caverna Generosa' searching pleistocenic micromammals.
You can find something here
Now I am an expert to realize fossil's copies plate. Call me if you need me!!!
In winter mornings I am a guide in Natural History Museum of Milan for schools and tourists, In summer guide for tourists and schools in a cave on pre-Alps
I like my Job but in Italy is not easy. Sometimes I think to go away, in USA, but maybe it is not the right time for me. Here there are many things that I like ...and many that I don't like ...but I don't go away for now! ...but never say never!